Association of Kenyans in Uganda

The Kenyan Diaspora Policy aims at mainstreaming the Kenyan Diaspora into the country’s development as envisaged in the country’s long term blue print, Vision 2030.

The Policy encourages Kenyans abroad to form an umbrella association under the patronage of the country’s High Commissioner/Ambassador.

Kenyans living abroad are also encouraged to register with the Kenyan High Commissions/Embassies in the countries that they reside.

In the case of Uganda, the Kenyan Diaspora subscribe to more than one association.

The associations that are known to the Mission are:

  • Association of Kenyans in Uganda (AKIU)
  • Team Kujengana
  • Comrades Kenya Association
  • Akamba
  • Kenyans in Uganda
  • Mwamogusii in Uganda
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