Setting up a business in Kenya

Step by step guide to investing and doing business in Kenya

The official platform that enables Kenyan citizens , residents and visitors access and pay for government services online

1. Register Your Business:

All company/business registrations are done via except for Limited Liability Partnerships which are done at the Registrar of companies or through a lawyer

2. Register with KenInvest

Visit and fill in the investment application form.

3. Apply for Statutory Requirements:

  • Tax PIN/VAT registration: Visit ;
  • Register with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF);
  • Register with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF);
  • Acquire a Single/Unified Business Form from the relevant Local Authorities (County Government).

Steps at KenInvest

"Our objective is to encourage investment into Kenya by both local and foreign-owned companies." KenInvest

4. Submit to KenInvest your application form with copies of;

  • Certificate of Incorporation (for local company)
  • Certificate of Compliance (for foreign company)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (CR2, CR8, CR12).

5. Issuance of Investment Certificate

Upon compliance with Health, Environment and Security requirements, KenInvest issues a certificate.

6. KenInvest tracking services

  • KenInvest undertakes tracking services to ensure smooth project implementation once a company begins its operation.

7. After Care Services

  • KenInvest undertakes After Care Services to pick out concerns.
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