Service Charter

Mission & Vision


The Kenya High Commission’s mandate is to facilitate the implementation of Kenya’s strategic national interests


To promote, protect and project Kenya’s national interests in the Republic of Uganda


To be an excellent diplomatic Mission in the delivery of effective and efficient services to our stakeholders

Our core functions

  • Diplomatic representation
  • Promotion and articulation of Kenya’s national interests
  • Promotion of economic, trade and investment relations between the two countries
  • Consular assistance to Kenyans in Uganda
  • Facilitation of State and Official visits
  • Promotion and facilitation East African Community matters.
  • Facilitation of travel to Kenya
  • Promotion of cultural, educational and social relations

Core Values

1. Patriotism

Our Staff shall exercise loyalty and uphold allegiance to the Republic of Kenya at all times.

2. Customer Focus

We shall treat our stakeholders with courtesy respect and promptness.

3. Professionalism

Our staff shall exercise high level of professional competence and confidentiality in all their work.

4. Equity and Fairness

We shall promote justice impartiality and diversity in all our dealings.

5. Team Spirit

We shall promote teamwork to enhance service delivery and inculcate shared and collective responsibility in executing our mandate.

6. Ethics and Integrity

We will embrace transparency and accountability in all operations of the Mission.

Our Services

To the government of kenya

a) Primary interface with the Government of Uganda
b) Facilitation of High-Level Visits including protocol and appointments
with relevant authorities in Uganda
c) Information and analysis
d) Facilitation of trade missions
e) Facilitation of negotiations and signing of agreements between the
two countries
f) Lobbying for Kenyan candidatures

To the host government

a) Primary interface with the Government of Kenya
b) Facilitation of High-Level Visits
c) Provision of information on Kenya
d) Facilitation of Trade, investment and other delegations

To kenyans

a) Provision of consular services
b) Provision of information on trade and investment opportunities in
c) Facilitation of trade missions
d) Provision of information on political and security situation in Uganda
e) Management of diaspora issues
f) Provision of Information on relevant educational matters

To Ugandans

a) Provision of information on Kenya
b) Facilitation of travel and visa

Service standards

We are committed to providing services that meet and exceed our
customers’ expectations.
Our customers can expect the following from us. We will;

  • treat you will respect, courtesy and dignity
  • keep confidential what needs to be confidential
  • identify ourselves when we speak to you
  • clear and helpful in our interactions
  • act with care, honesty and integrity
  • refer inquiries that we cannot deal with to appropriate authorities
  • advise you if the issues you refer to us are beyond our mandate

We will endeavor to:

  • deal with your inquiries and requests quickly, promptly and effectively
  • answer your phone calls promptly and with courtesy
  • attend to visitors quickly
  • respond to your letters, faxes and emails within 5 working days for
    simple issues and within 14 days for complex issues
  • notify of meetings in good time
  • make prompt payments for goods and services supplied to the high
    commission and for which complete and accurate documentation is available
  • endeavor to improve the quality and responsiveness of our services by reviewing the way we offer services and adopting new and
    innovative ways in service delivery.

Our obligations

  • Upholding professionalism, integrity and confidentiality
  • Providing effective and efficient service
  • Providing timely and relevant information
  • Treating our customers with courtesy and respect
  •  Providing a conducive environment and tools for staff to deliver
    quality service
Stakeholders' obligations
  • Providing complete, accurate and timely information and
  • Upholding courtesy, professionalism, respect and integrity
  • Following and respecting established procedures, rules and
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